11 June, 2011

First Serve

Hello, welcome to my new site, Blacklabel Tennis.  I've been writing about tennis over the last year for my buddy over at The Rally Cap and felt like it might be time to make more of a commitment.  It feels good to be writing again and hopefully you'll enjoy what I have to say.

For quick hits, follow me on Twitter @VBlacklabel.  Join our Facebook fan page and keep your eyes peeled.  We'll do some opinion pieces, some sparring (in a good way), some prognosticating, share some photos and if the powers that be comply, maybe even some interviews. There's a lot we want to accomplish with this blog, but it all starts here, today, with this post.

So you have an idea of what you're getting into and how I feel about the state of the current pro game, I've imported the posts I've written for the Rally Cap including my most recent entitled "Don't You Forget About Me" written in the immediate aftermath of this year's French Open.

That's it for now, but get involved, tell me what you think.  Let's talk some tennis.

1 comment:

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