03 April, 2012

WTA Noise Pollution - The Wozniacki Edition

For years, tennis' twittering classes have been imploring former World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki to be more like 13-time major champion Serena Williams.  Well, the almost great Dane seems to finally have taken that advice...but in the worst possible way.  No, she hasn't (allegedly) screamed obscenities at a line judge, but weren't not talking about adding power to her game either.  No, Caroline's following in Serena's footsteps by making her off-court interests more public; but she's not becoming a nail technician; nor is she going to guest star in a mediocre sitcom episode...that we know of.  No, Wozniacki's adding to the WTA's noise pollution epidemic with an autotuned, synthesized comedy routine masquerading as a pop song.

You can hear Caroline Wozniacki's first (and presumably last) pop single "Oxygen" after the jump.  

Azarenka grunting on a perpetual loop over Skrillex outtakes would sound better than this.  The highlight starts at 1:58 where a male "vocalist"...and let's be honest, I'm praying it was Rory McIlroy...starts singing "Yo, what's your name giiiiiirl" to which she responds "My name is Caroline" sounding like a cross between Princess Toadstool  from the Super Mario Brothers video game and Rebecca Black.

The silver lining is that Yahoo's Chris Chase is reporting that the proceeds are all going to charity, specifically the Danish and Polish Paralympic teams.  We always appreciate when athletes give back, so we'll give Caroline the requisite credit for that, but...somehow I don't see this working its way into Janko Tipsarevic's next DJ set.

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  1. As I mentioned on twitter, I started dancing last night -- and haven't stopped yet.