04 May, 2012

The Blue Clay Strikes Back

With statements flying in from both ATP and WTA players slating the Mutua Madrid Open's move from the traditional red to blue clay courts this season, the tournament has released the following video on the making of the controversial new terre battue.  The main takeaway is that the players should have nothing to worry about.  See the video to find out why after the jump:

There you have it, according to the grounds team, , the courts will play very similarly to the way they have in the past.  While we're not sure if the players, often portrayed as a bit of a superstitious bunch, will buy into it, the tournament is doing its best to get across that the only material change to the surface is the color.  To be honest, if we were playing for our share of a 4 million purse and the tournament changed the surface in any material fashion, we would be a little touchy too.  We'll see what the players say once they start playing matches on the surface, the WTA tournament commences tomorrow, with the men on court as of Monday.

Video originally shared via Jon Scott at Tennis.com

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